Growing Partners

Blue Roots Farm

Courtney Edwards & Dan Adelman 

At Blue Roots Farm we are on a mission to help create a strong and independent food system for our region. We contribute to this mission by growing a year-round supply of safe and healthy food. We are doing all of this because we can see a future where conventional agriculture is risky business because of climate change, and because we know that fish stocks the world over are facing extreme pressure from over fishing. We think that people should have the choice to eat food that is grown in a truly sustainable way. We believe in transparent food systems. And we want to be a shining example of a company that creates positive social change in their community.

Chris Hildreth, TOPSOIL

TOPSOIL was founded to create an innovative approach to food production – one that values environmental sustainability and the local economy. Urban agriculture is a revolutionary way to provide food that is healthier for us, cares for the environment, and just simply tastes better.
For us, that’s what the eat local movement is all about.

Chris Hildreth