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blanshard  streetscape

A  pathway  for  pollinators  and  people

Welcome  to  the  pollinator  corridor

The Blanshard Streetscape is a collection of garden planters that line Blanshard Street in the heart of downtown Victoria . The goal of this project is to integrate growing space and natural beauty into Victoria’s urban core. This garden corridor has been re-envisioned and transformed to serve as the hub of FED’s Urban Pollinator Gardens.

By creating this habitat for local bumble bees, mason bees, and butterflies we are forming a pathway to welcome more beneficial insects into our city’s downtown core. 

The  Corridor:

  • Provides a rare source of food for pollinators, particularly during the dry summer months in the city​

  • Utilizes native species to increase climate resilience 

  • Offers and opportunity to connect with nature amidst the bustle of the city 

This strip of green in our city will grow as we work to transform more underutilized spaces across our city into productive opportunities to support native plants and pollinators. 

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LibraryGdn-17 (1).jpg

The Blanshard Streetscape leads straight to our collection of public demonstration gardens in the courtyard of the public library.

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