Imagine downtown Victoria as an urban food oasis:

Lush, edible green spaces taking over
once-vacant rooftops or courtyards; where food production is woven into our City's fabric.

You could be a part of finding new and innovative ways to strengthen our food scene and add to our
beautiful downtown properties!

are   you   a   landowner,   developer   or   part   of   a   strata  and   are   interested   in   exploring  urban   agriculture   for   a    new   or   existing   property? 


Are   you   an   urban   farmer   who   requires   access   to   land   in   Victoria   and  the   surrounding   areas?

We are lucky to have some of the more progressive municipal policies to enable urban agriculture in our country here in Victoria, however growing food in a city comes with its own unique benefits and challenges. Street to Sky will help developers, landowners, strata corporations and urban food growers connect and explore the best practices and common risks often associated with urban foodlands.

Stay tuned! We are currently developing guides to help you learn about these topics and more.

Not  yet  an   urban   farmer   but   interested   in    becoming   one?

              If you OWN land in the city of Victoria or surrounding areas, we can help you:

  • Determine what type of urban agriculture project could be best suited for your site

  • Provide you with a guide (coming March 2021), including resources and information on best practices in regards to growing food onsite and working effectively with urban farmers

  • Uncover and explain the City's policies surrounding urban agriculture and how it applies to your land and property

  • Identify effective grounds for creating a business case that demonstrates the benefits  environmentally, economically and socially for including urban agriculture into your site

                If you are LOOKING for urban land to start growing food, we are collaborating
               with the BC Land Matching Program delivered by Young Agrarians, who can help:

  • Support new farmer readiness with business planning resources and tools, and agricultural extension information

  • Provide hands-on, personalized matchmaking to make introductions and help landholders and land seekers find the most suitable match for their vision and needs

  • Facilitate negotiations and help develop a land use agreement

What  does  urban  agriculture do  for  a  region?

  • Revitalizes an area’s agricultural scene

  • Provides healthy, fresh food for the public

  • Connects people to the food they eat

  • Can become a top tourist destination

  • Instills a greater sense of pride in residents

  • Creates economic opportunities

  • Helps combat global warming

  • Has a significant social impact

  • Provides a unique aesthetic

  • Mental health benefits

get  involved

Click one of the options below to email us and explain more about what you're looking for or have to offer. We'd love to connect! 

project   funders

This project was made possible with the funding and support from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, The City of Victoria and BC Hydro.

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The B.C. Land Matching Program (BCLMP) provides personalized land matching and business support services to farmers looking for land to start or expand their farm, and landholders interested in finding someone to farm their land. The advantage of working with a Land Matcher is free hands-on support to understand regulations, evaluate opportunities, access resources, and ultimately find a land match. The program is delivered by Young Agrarians (YA) and addresses the high cost of land as a significant barrier for those seeking to enter the B.C. agriculture industry.

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We are absolutely honoured to be living and working on the traditional territories of the Lekwungen peoples, specifically the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations, whose relationship with the land continues to teach and inspire us to this day.