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Rooftop  Gardens

Growing  food  in  unexpected  places

Raise  the  roof  for  urban  food  production

Our rooftop gardens have transformed underutilized urban spaces into productive growing hubs where we produce fresh healthy veggies for vulnerable populations. Our two main spaces are located at Our Place Society and the Songhees Wellness Centre.

Our  Place  Society

Our Place serves Victoria's most vulnerable populations, provides meals, housing and transitional shelter spaces, hot showers, education, job skills, health care, addiction recovery services, donated clothing, counseling, outreach services, and more. Our Place also operates a successful, long-term recovery community for men. Most importantly, Our Place provides a sense of hope and belonging to our neighbours in need.​

The rooftop garden at Our Place was installed by FED in 2021. The fresh greens, herbs and summer vegetables grown on the rooftop are used in the 1400+ meals Our Place provides daily. In the words of Head Chef Brian Cox, "What’s more local than a couple of storeys above your kitchen?"


Songhees  Wellness  Centre

Songhees Wellness Centre believes in creating a connection between the natural food from the land, the farmers that nourish and harvest it, and ultimately, the people who enjoy it. This is based on the traditions of Lekwungen People and their connection to the land. They demonstrate this by utilizing local seasonal goods and harvesting vegetables and herbs from their rooftop garden.

FED took this garden over from TOPSOIL, who implemented and developed the rooftop farm at the Songhees Wellness Centre in 2018.

The herbs and vegetables harvested from the rooftop are given away to the community every Wednesday through their salad bar program and local distribution networks. The produce is also used by the Songhees Food Truck, and in various events and catering programs.

- Julian  Daly

   ceo, our place society

just because someone is struggling doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the best meal possible

Green Vegetables

Want to establish a rooftop garden for your own organization?

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