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My FED Farm is on hold for 2024 as we get our new farm up and running. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook or check back in 2025 for updates!


The My FED Farm project was designed to increase food security for underserved populations by providing garden kits containing everything needed to grow food.

It started as a pandemic response program in 2019 when the impacts of COVID-19 on our society highlighted the systemic issues of food insecurity that so many people in our community face. With skyrocketing living costs, we chose to continue to empower individual households and community organizations to grow food and foster community connections.



2023   program

In 2023, we worked with seven community organizations and three Indigenous communities to create and expand community gardens and supply seeds and plant starts! We added over 50 garden plots across Greater Victoria, empowering families facing food insecurity to grow their own fresh produce.

Read our wrap up report to learn more about the program, including stories, testimonials, and more!

My FED Farm wrap up report cover 2023.png


Check out the impact of My FED Farm since the program started in 2020.

2023 My FED Farm 4 year impact.png


Since 2020, we have added nearly 24,000 pounds of potential food grown in our community, directly benefiting 2,984 people facing barriers to accessing healthy, fresh food and engaging 138 volunteers. We have achieved so much, but with rates of food insecurity rising, we need your help!

Your donation will support FED's food security projects on southern Vancouver Island. If you'd like to help build community food security, you can contribute by clicking the button below. Thank you for supporting our work! 



We are thrilled to have worked with so many great organizations through this project. My FED Farm would not be possible without support from the following:


TOPSOIL Innovative Agriculture converts under-utilized urban into productive food growing areas. They supply fresh premium produce direct to restaurants and the local community in Victoria. Acting as our headquarters for My FED Farm, we couldn't be happier about collaborating with them on this project!

City of Victoria_logo_rgb_300.png
June 1 - Get Growing Victoria.png

We are thrilled to partner with the City of Victoria's 'Get Growing, Victoria' program! 

Get Growing, Victoria! is a program that provides food seedlings and garden materials with a priority to support underserved communities. 

In 2022, Get Growing distributed 100,000 seedlings in partnership with 67community organizations, neighbourhood associations, supportive and affordable housing organizations, environmental ​stewardship organizations, mutual aid groups, and more.

We are so proud to work in a City with leaders like ours.

Be sure to follow them on social media @CityofVictoria and find out more here!
Copy of GoodFood_LOGO_chard.jpg

Growing Together is a collaborative initiative that aims to support residents across the region to grow their own food. A number of food-focused organizations and individuals have worked together towards one shared, enthusiastic goal: to motivate and enable people across the CRD to plant, harvest and distribute as much fresh food as possible. 

Follow them on social media @Growing.Together.Apart and find out more at!

The Good Food Network, who is hosting this campaign, is a network of organizations from across the Victoria capital region (Coast Salish territories) working to create a robust local food system.

Thank you to  Our supporters

Created in a time of uncertainty and turmoil, the My FED Farm program would not have been possible without the generous support of our volunteers and partners. We would like to express our deep gratitude for those that helped us have a meaningful impact on those at risk of food insecurity in our community.

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