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My   FED   Farm

My FED Farm is designed to increase food security for vulnerable individuals that face barriers to accessing fresh, healthy, and affordable food by providing free garden kits, including grow bags, seedlings, seeds, and educational resources. The kits improve access to fresh, nutritious produce while providing a hands-on learning opportunity and contributing to mental health and a sense of self-determination.



educational  resources

Not sure how to start gardening? Take a look at our educational resources! We cover everything you need to know about growing your own food, from seed starting and harvesting to soil health and pollinator stewardship.



Urban  Learning  Garden

This collection of gardens in the courtyard of the downtown branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library is an exercise in urban placemaking - a space to connect the public with their food system. At the Urban Learning Garden, anyone can learn about saving seeds, identifying native plants and their Indigenous uses, and growing food in urban spaces. The space is home to the Victoria Seed Library and in non-pandemic years hosts educational workshops and events.




street  to  sky

Street to Sky aims to help developers, landowners, strata corporations, and urban food growers explore the unique benefits and challenges associated with growing food in Victoria. Our two guides - one for urban farmers, one for landowners - lay out best practices and opportunities for transforming underutilized areas around the city (think rooftops and courtyards) into food oases, reducing barriers to transforming our cityscape into a foodscape. The guides cover everything from navigating City policy and legal considerations to real-life case studies.



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community  garden  hub

Community gardens have long been a tradition in Victoria. Today, they are taking on new importance as citizens become increasingly concerned about food security and access to fresh food for those in need. We've compiled everything you need to know about starting a community garden on institutional land. Follow our ten key implementation steps and factor in our eight key success factors and you'll get your community garden going in no time.



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