What’s the Buzz on Pollinator Gardens?

Some of you may laugh at this but I think about my morning cup of coffee before I go to sleep at night. Now, this may speak to odd daydreaming tendencies of mine but I don’t think I’m alone. Most of us love a good cup of coffee, a silky piece of chocolate, or a handful of nuts when we’re hungry and often take for granted how it comes to our table. To keep our favourite foods coming, we need pollinators, baby! Over 75% of all flowering plants and nearly 75% of crops are pollinated by animals. [1] Pollination results in the production of seeds and we need solid seed production to keep our food supply strong. But it’s not just bees that move pollen around from one flowering plant to the next, i

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We are absolutely honoured to be living and working on the traditional territories of the Lekwungen-speaking peoples, specifically the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations, whose relationship with the land continues to teach and inspire us to this day.