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My Summer Co-op Experience with FED

My name is Alistair Howes, and I had the pleasure of working as a Project Coordinator with FED this summer. My short 4-month co-op term has been a phenomenal opportunity. The role allowed me to meaningfully contribute towards my ambitions in climate action and food security, while developing my professional skills. The experience I gained from my time with FED has left me well prepared to pursue my goal of transforming society’s relationship with nature through food.

Of the many highlights that come to mind when I reflect on my time here, my work with the My FED Farm Program stands apart. My role as Volunteer Coordinator and Site Manager allowed me to be deeply connected with the program. This connection fueled my passion for the work. Whether it was shoveling soil into over 750 pots, or packaging seeds, I knew that my work was helping people at risk of food insecurity grow their own food. It was incredible to be able to contribute to such an impactful program in my city.

My favourite aspect of the role with FED has been the opportunity to be a part of the sustainable food community in Victoria. By representing FED in this space, I was able to develop lasting connections with key leaders in the world of sustainable local food. These new relationships in turn allowed me to expand my impact through volunteer opportunities. During my work term I was able to use my allocated volunteer time to help create the Seed the City farming operations at Royal Bay and Claremont high schools, as well as create a Native Pollinator Garden on Yates Street in conjunction with Pollinator Partnership Canada. My participation in these fantastic projects would not have been possible without the support and exposure that my time with FED has provided me

While my co-op has come to a close, I will not be saying goodbye to the FED team. I am excited to continue to support their work in a volunteer capacity moving forward. As I return to my final semester at UVic, I will manage the Our Place Society rooftop garden as it moves into its second growing season. I am thankful to be able to continue my relationship with this project that has been near and dear to my heart throughout my co-op term.

I want to thank all of my team members at Synergy for welcoming me into such an open and supportive work environment. The skills and experience I gained will be instrumental to my career ambitions moving forward. A special thank you to my manager at FED, Brianna Stewart, who was vital to my success and growth in this role.

Thank you so much!


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