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Faces Behind FED: Meet Carly Neal

Carly Neal is one of FED's longest-serving volunteers, having started with the project back in 2015. As an Registered Interior Designer, Carly is an amazing addition to our party planning team, and she's been a key contributor on some of our special projects like the Ship Point Pop Up competition.

Read what Carly had to say about FED:

I think our planters provide pause, in a district of shops and restaurants, that in turn encourages people to slow and “smell the flowers" (or in this case rosemary). I love that FED recognizes an opportunity to showcase and grow urban food somewhere between the concepts of guerrilla gardening and community plots. These planters are well considered, and the greens are curated for each restaurant. Sure, there are sidewalk gardens here and there, but often they are stuffed with no-fuss bushes and grass. Our little edible planters are unique and somewhat unexpected. The added aspect of accountability for sustainable business practices each restaurant member commits to, makes these little planted gestures so powerful. The concept is simple and I love being a part of a passionate team who loves this city for what it is, and what it can be.

The response to our initiative has been incredible, and our downtown district is growing fast. I can see our planters drawing visitors up from the waterfront to explore the district as a photogenic destination, and staying for the unique west coast food experience. Most importantly I see FED as a leading force in educating our communities on sustainability from the unassuming starting point of a potted plant.

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