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Faces Behind FED: Meet Kayla Brazier

Kayla Brazier is a graphic designer, a photographer, and a digital marketer with an eye for the beautiful. She is also a plant lover and a food gardener, with a diploma from the Pacific Horticulture College. This year, Kayla will be taking on a much larger role in FED, working as the new Project Coordinator - we're thrilled to have her join the team!

Read what Kayla had to say about FED:

Why does FED matter to you?

FED matters to me because it is an organization that has committed itself to sustainable food initiatives, which is arguably one of the most important issues on our very fragile planet right now. During my time in horticulture school, I learned that over the last 40 years, about 1/3 of the world’s fertile topsoils have been deemed destroyed, no longer able to sustain life and therefore no longer able to grow food within them. If we were to stop over-tilling, fertilizing with harsh chemicals, practicing monoculture and destroying forests for wood, it would still take roughly 500 years to rebuild just 2.5cm of that rich, beautiful topsoil . The world population just continues to grow, and people are unable to feed themselves. We’re truly in a food crisis, and that really scares me. We need to do all we can to fight this issue, like creating edible urban green spaces and educating people about growing their own food.

What does FED's future look like to you?

I see FED being a mecca for learning! I’m really excited for the creation of the new FED Learning Garden downtown, because it will give people such easy access to the knowledge they need to contribute to the sustainable food movement. I see FED helping to create businesses in Victoria’s downtown area that see sustainability as a top priority, and hopefully inspire businesses outside of the downtown core and even beyond Victoria to do the same.

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