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Patch of Greens in the Most Surprising Place

‘Our Place Society’ Rooftop Food Garden

You can create a patch of greens in the most surprising places, like a six story rooftop in Downtown Victoria! On Thursday, May 13, the Food Eco District and Synergy team partnered with the Our Place Society to turn their underutilized rooftop into a substantial 60 planter garden space. The garden will be able to supply nutrient rich, hyper local food to the kitchen on site that provides 1250 meals a day to its residents and surrounding community.

Through a combination of support from community organizations and individuals, we were able to fill the rooftop with fantastic food crops. The garden includes a perennial herb section, a vast number of greens including kale, chard, spinach, lettuce, as well as tomatoes and strawberry patches.

The garden space will be maintained through a partnership between FED and the Our Place Society. The majority of the planters in the garden are FED’s signature self water Caja planter. The FED Caja’s water reservoir system requires substantially less time and effort in order to maintain the health of the plants. FED Cajas are available on the FED website, and proceeds go directly towards supporting urban agriculture initiatives like this one.

Future of Our Place rooftop garden

In the coming weeks we will monitor the success of the garden through regular

maintenance visits. We are happy to help community

organizations such as this one produce fresh, healthy and affordable food for years to come. Overall, FED is thrilled to continue our relationship with this fantastic partner. We aim to create more gardens such as this one, and continue towards our goal of increased food security in Victoria, one rooftop at a time.

Get involved!

If you are interested in registering for a My FED garden or a FED Caja visit our website! You can also donate to My FED Farm initiative through our fundraiser page to help us continue to make patch of greens in the most surprising places to help Great Victoria community members.


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