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Big Wheel Burger's Boulevard Garden

Big Wheel Burger was FED’s first Satellite member. A carbon neutral burger joint with a zero-waste philosophy, Big Wheel is known for its classic burgers, shakes, soda and fries. Their moto is Real. Food. Fast. – the idea that fast food doesn’t have to be junk food. If you try one of their delicious Angus beef burgers, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Big Wheel owner/operators Calen McNeil and Jason Ducklow came to us in 2015 with the idea of turning an unassuming strip of boulevard outside their Cook St Village location into an edible garden and community space. They wanted to create a space for the public to meet up, kick back and enjoy the sights and sounds of the village. We loved the idea right away and got to work figuring out how to make it happen.

FED helped Big Wheel organize a series of Climate Action Week fundraisers in which a dollar of the sale of each burger was put towards their garden. This past November, as Big Wheel got ready to celebrate their 5th anniversary, they proudly unveiled a public picnic area with benches and planter boxes growing herbs and greens.

FED and Big Wheel’s staff work together to maintain the gardens, using compost created from Big Wheel Burger’s own kitchen organics and 100% compostable packaging.

The gardens and patio were designed by Smart+Barman and built by Biophilia design collective using permeable pavers and reclaimed cedar. Around the patio, native west coast plants were chosen for their drought tolerance to minimize watering demands. They also installed a much-needed new bike rack!

PS. Special shoutout to the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association and the City of Victoria for their support and funding for this project!

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