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Faces Behind FED: Meet Cat Cooper

Cat Cooper became FED's first Urban Garden Coordinator earlier this year. She is the one who keeps our planter boxes and urban gardens fresh, and she can often be found walking downtown with her FED bucket and garden tools in hand. She is a constant ray of positivity and an absolute joy to work with!

Read what Cat had to say about FED:

Why does FED matter to you?

I see Fed as a major player in bringing awareness to the growing revolution of green and sustainable eco-conscious business practices. Working with amazing restaurant owners who care enough to make a difference, FED is greening up the city by growing food in beautiful artisan cedar planters in front of these restaurants and around the downtown core. In urban centres where people are so often disconnected from their food source, I, as an organic master gardener, am thrilled to be a part of this growing movement towards educating, inspiring and beautifying Victoria.

What does FED's future look like to you?

We live in the most beautiful city. Period. I see people coming here not just for high tea and buggy rides, but for green tours of our eco district; to eat great, conscious food in a charming setting that is truly the idyllic West Coast Canadian experience, cohabiting with nature, uniting communities and setting an example for the rest of the world with an impact that rivals Portland!

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